Advertisers love
an engaged audience

A 100% audio ad-server

Plan your audio campaigns to reach an engaged audience that already loves consuming audio content.

Premium audio inventory

Access one of the top audio inventory to reach your target audience effectively.


Launch campaigns to amplify your message with guaranteed listens (following IAB Guidelines).


Manage and optimize your campaigns with granular data and insights provided by a dedicated dashboard.


Buy your campaigns directly or via your usual DSP.

Our services

Podcast listens

Your branded podcasts are seamlessly integrated into publishers' players via native ad slots.

Unique ad placements to maximise the audience of your branded podcast

Engagement monitoring (average listening time, total listening time)

Audio dedicated and proprietary ad-server

Audio Ads

We integrate your audio ads ahead of the podcast, ensuring that they are heard with a guaranteed listen thanks to streaming.

Unique position with 100% streamed listens and pre-roll only integration

AI algorithms to ensure high LTR

Easy management with our DSP connections


Choose between host read messages dynamically inserted or co-branded episodes.

A personalized message per podcast or a specific episode to present your brand, product, or service

Clickable and trackable links available in the episode description

Engagement monitoring and post-test studies

Advertisers and agencies
love data

Follow and control your campaigns in real time

Audio monitoring dashboard

A dedicated and specialized real-time engagement monitoring system

Advanced KPIs

A full range of KPIs including listens, average listening time, total listening time, completion rate, episode ranking, geolocation, listening heatmap

Tracking Table

Follow your investments in real time

Data reports

Extract easily all the data you want and run specific reports

Thousands of advertising campaigns launched

From the best agencies and brands


Amplify your branded podcast
or distribute your audio campaign

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